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Mariel Melendez Mulero

Mariel Melendez Mulero (she/her) is an ethnographer, artist, and educator. She obtained a BA in Anthropology from the University of Puerto Rico and an MA in Dance Anthropology from the University of Roehampton in London. She is also a classically trained dancer. As an undergrad and NIMH-Career Opportunities in Research Fellow, conducted research in the fields of Psychology, Sociology, and  Medical Anthropology. While in London, studied Voguing culture
through embodiment, documenting ways of empowerment and building community through performative acts. Upon her return to Puerto Rico, obtained her certificate in Montessori adolescent studies, and enjoyed working as a guide (teacher). Currently a PhD student in the Theater and Drama program at Northwestern University, her research interests are Puerto Rican dance and corporealities, construction of trans/national identities, memory, and the corporeal archive.