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Summer Institutes

[six!] Summer Institute

[six!] is a consortium of six leading institutions that offer higher degrees in theatre and performance: Jawaharlal Nehru University (India), Northwestern University (USA), Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile (Santiago), University of Cologne (Germany), University of Ghana (Accra), and Tel Aviv University (Israel). [six!] fosters collaboration and cooperation for advanced non-credit study, networking, and research as an international interdisciplinary program. [six!] continues the tradition of [sic!] Summer Institute Cologne, the annual summer school project of the University of Cologne and Northwestern University, co-led by Tracy C. Davis (Northwestern University) and Peter Marx (University of Cologne, Germany), that took place from 2013-2019. See more information on the institute and annual application process.

During 2020-21, [six!] held online seminars that culminated in students curating a virtual global theatre festival. In 2022-23, [six!] conducted two seminar themes—“(Un)translatability in Performance” and “Critical Media History and Performance”—in a series of online workshops open to graduate students of the participating institutions. This was taken forward in an in-person meeting at the University of Cologne’s Theaterwissenschaftliche Sammlung (TWS), one of Europe’s largest theatre archives, in the Schloss Wahn, 3-8 September 2023.

In 2024, the [six!] consortium goes on the road for the first time! Northwestern will welcome students and faculty from the [six!] consortium on 16-22 June 2024. For more information, contact Keary Watts.

Summer Institute in Performance Studies

The Summer Institute in Performance Studies is an intensive week-long summer institute, sponsored by the Center for Global Culture and Communication, that involves IPTD and Performance Studies graduate students and a select number of students from other (non-Northwestern) doctoral programs. Each year, the institute director, a member of the IPTD or Performance Studies associate faculty, selects a theme and invites faculty members from within and outside Northwestern to teach small seminars.