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Archives: People Profiles

Elena Weber

Elena Weber received her BA and MA in Media Studies, Theater Studies and Art History from the University of Cologne. Her research interests include ethnographic methods, urban studies, spatial practices, and the performative reproduction and reenactment of history. Elena’s dissertation is a mixed-method, ethnographic and archival project on public performances in Rome’s historic center. It creates a

Keary Watts

Keary Watts is a Ph.D. candidate, a Franke Graduate Fellow at the Alice Kaplan Institute for the Humanities, and a Graduate Teaching Fellow at the Searle Center for Advanced Learning and Teaching. He is working on a dissertation that tracks and theorizes the political and historiographic potential of “strategic re-deployment,” or the purportedly anti-racist incorporation

Weston Twardowski

Weston Twardowski holds dual BAs in History and Theatre from Louisiana State University, and an MA in Theatre Studies from the University of Houston. His current research looks at post-Katrina New Orleans and the ways in which performance serves as a critical site for navigating community and civic identity in the wake of mass trauma.

Chelsea Taylor

Chelsea Taylor holds a BA in Theatre and English from Trinity University and an MA in Theatre Studies and Dramaturgy from the University of Houston. Her current research explores how live performances that adapt biblical stories at contemporary Christian tourist destination across the United States function as immersive preaching techniques, giving old narratives new spiritual

Skye Strauss

Skye Strauss worked as a costume designer and technician before joining IPTD. Her research grows out of her artistic practice, using new materialism and puppetry theory to explore how design contributes to rehearsal and performance.  In her dissertation, “Materiality Matters: On the Power of ‘Things’ in Collective Creation,” Skye argues that materiality becomes an important source

Rachel Russell

Rachel Russell, from Baltimore, MD, holds a BFA in Dance Pedagogy from Columbia College Chicago and a MA in Performance Studies from New York University. Her research includes understanding, documenting, and conceptualizing the present day history of Black Women dancers, choreographers and their predecessors. Rachel is affiliated with the Interdisciplinary Cluster in Gender & Sexuality

Eleanor Russell

Eleanor Russell received a BA in Religious Studies from Grinnell College and an MA in Theatre History and Criticism from CUNY Brooklyn College. Her dissertation explores mid-twentieth century stand-up comedy on record and its relationship to avant-garde performance practices. She is affiliated with the Critical Theory Cluster. She hosts a podcast on sound and performance:

Gabrielle Randle

Gabrielle Randle received a BA in Drama and Sociology from Stanford University and an MA in Performance as Public Practice from The University of Texas at Austin. Her research interests include conscious dramaturgical interventions in the staging of protest and survival. Her research currently centers on the acts of testimony and witness in the performance of

Rachel Merrill Moss

Rachel Merrill Moss is a doctoral candidate in the Interdisciplinary PhD in Theatre and Drama at Northwestern University and a 2018-2019 Fulbright grantee to Poland. She holds a BA in Theatre from the University of California, Santa Cruz and an MA in Theatre History and Criticism from CUNY Brooklyn College. Rachel’s dissertation examines a variety

Dwayne Keith Mann

Dwayne Keith Mann is a Ph.D. candidate at Northwestern University. He holds a graduate degree in Performance Studies from New York University, where he delivered a Master’s thesis on aesthetics, figuration, labor, and black things. His dissertation project, part of the Interdisciplinary PhD in Theatre and Drama program, studies late-nineteenth century parade and drill performance