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Skye Strauss

Skye Strauss worked as a costume designer and technician before joining IPTD. Her research grows out of her artistic practice, using new materialism and puppetry theory to explore how design contributes to rehearsal and performance.  In her dissertation, “Materiality Matters: On the Power of ‘Things’ in Collective Creation,” Skye argues that materiality becomes an important source of inspiration during the devising process across the disciplines of dance, circus, and theatre. She explores how the performing objects onstage foster intense affective and emotional experiences for the audience. Her research was funded by an International Student Travel Grant from The United States Institute for Theatre Technology (USITT).  She received additional support from Northwestern, receiving both a Graduate Research Grant and a School of Communication Ignition Grant.  She has presented her writing in the Puppetry and Material Performance Working Group at ASTR and in panel presentations on design and circus at ATHE. She has published a performance review in Puppetry International, a book review in Theatre Topics, and a book chapter on Michael Curry in Theatre Artisans and Their Craft.  She is currently writing a piece on director and designer Bill Mitchell for TD&T.  Skye earned her B.A. in Theatre with University Honors at the University of Alabama at Birmingham and her M.A. in Theatre and Performance Studies from Queen’s University Belfast (Northern Ireland) as a Rotary Scholar. When she is not on campus, she can be found building magical things or hanging upside down at the circus. See examples at: