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Matthew Randle-Bent

Matthew Randle-Bent received his BA from the University of Warwick, and his MA from Queen Mary, University of London. His dissertation is about theatrical institution-building toward internationalist political ends during the 1970s. He focuses on the artistic and intellectual production surrounding international festivals of this era – including Shiraz, Belgrade, Nancy, and the numerous festivals held under the auspices of the International Theatre Institute – highlighting unfinished histories of radical performance, as well as the transnational foundations of performance theory in the Global South. He also writes about contemporary performance, reflecting an interest in critical spectatorship and dramaturgy. He has presented work at IFTR, ASTR, and ATHE, and his writing has been published in Contemporary Theatre Review and He is a fellow in Middle East and North African studies, and during 2020-21 he will be a graduate fellow with Northwestern University Press.